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hooray for me motherfucker, i have friends. i mean, i have the jenny, & i have her friends sometimes? but its a good thing to have friends of your own. & well, last night i spent hanging out with the illster & his faithful squire mambo. except, mambo is a level fifty (50) troll berserker, so i'm thinking maybe the scientist man might be the bottom. anyhow! jenny & i went to go find him "somewhere in manhatten, eating italian," so i marshalled my occult periphery & rode what john constantine would call the synchronicity highway (well, subway more like) till we ran into them. oh, & i made illscientist a mix cd who's track list is

brad pitt from se7en
sweet- ballroom blitz
guided by voices- my valuable hunting knife
the magnetic fields- yeah! oh yeah!
ronald regan
nerf herder- mr. spock
drugstore feat. thom yorke- el presidente
the all girl summer fun band- dreamy you
soul coughing & weezer- american girls
hanibal lector from silence of the lambs
poe- hey pretty (drive by 2000 dub)
blonde redhead- equally damaged
blonde redhead- in particular
rasputina- leechwife
ugly cassanova- diamonds on the face of evil
neutral milk hotel- my dream girl
jimmy smitts- sycamore trees
rasputina- five fleas
emiliana torinni- gollum's song
buffy finding dead mother

with these poor fools, & the user formerly known as basillica, our destination was set- the kgb bar. the ill had been (wisely) drinking from a flask all night, so he had the headstart that makes him the winner (in drag racing) that he is (he has a penis, he is not a "natural woman"). there we met connie & her friends. i am of course an asshole so i continue to think of the one girl as "the blonde one" & as for the other girl? at the begining of the night i had her name spelled out for me, so i could remember? but i was drinking! there was no punching or drinks thrown in my face so as far as i figure i did alright. mubunna or something? she was pretty swell, but like, i'm getting ahead of myself. from the kgb bar, plans were laid to go to brooklyn, but to the far flung & trendy brooklyn that jenny is the enemy of. so jenny came back home, while i adventured increasingly onward. when we saw her walking on the street i couldn't stop talking about how hot she is. she's real pretty you know.

so we went to the pencil factory, in greenpointe. i imagine it has an e, so i will write it that way, ok? i fear no grammar cop- they are not like the agents of the matrix, indestructable. they can be shot & killed like anyone. we took over the secret conspiracy room at that bar, until it was time for rascist jokes. after "slur time (tm)" there was more of the liquor, then eventually a transport to the strange girls home! which was pretty okay. all my records of events are of arrivals & departures. we left there & then the gentleman mambo (who did not "rape" that lumberjack, contrary to prior testimony) decided to drive me home. which almost worked, & the people almost spoke in english. it was all so very very raspberry jam. eventually we found this place, & there were further departures (on their part) & collapse (on mine.)

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