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the last son of wickliffe.

jenny & i spent today scouring the city for various issues of the leauge of extraordinary gentlemen volume ii. success at last! & well. since i had been home from my last trip here? over that week i had not had more than four (4) hours sleep in a night & had spent two (2) nights without sleep at all. last night i slept for thirteen (13) hours. its nice to have someone to protect you. especially with the added benefit of getting to see her naked.

yesterday the airplane ride went something like this: i decided to re-invent the metric clock, thought about the sexual bathroom, read an advertisement that said "a turtle is safe in water! a child is not!" said to a ticket agent in cincinati that if you leave your baggage unattended the terrorists have already won, decided that my offical report on cincinati was "nothing good to report" even before i watched a molester use the "trick" of having food all over his face to attract female attention, & finally flew here to new york.

while in the city we went to the thai restraunt that jenny went to the first time she was ever in new york. the food was good but earlier i had been hallucinating so bad that i was still sort of embarassed. but having her around is pretty much a good cure for anything.

i feel very scattered, but in a completely pleasent way. like- i don't have so much to say because everything is so right place. i'm hoping some of the new jersey people will be able to hang out during the week, & i fully expect to see astrad & bardot; seeing carla & andrew is also pretty much assured as well. & then there is jenny. she says "i could see why you'd like hyde." so um. any girl who could understand edward hyde is the girl for me. um. i like edward hyde & nemo, the science pirate.

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