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my squared circle of a nightlife can sometimes leave me lying on sleepless beaches washed up by unknown tides. on the afformentioned beach, at sunless hours out of the sight of all the world, i sometimes have grim thoughts. other times i have thoughts that make me feel ashamed & dirty. i concoct reasonable & legitimate opinions about issues i would usually never deign to consider. but as the hollow casing around my brain grows ever the more filled to the brim with these cobweb spindles, i feel my sense of self slipping. while i was making an orange marmalage sandwich for breakfast, i caught myself talking in a demonic voice saying things about the loneliness of the human species. so in an effort to curb all honesty, i've decided to say something; an opionion i have, one that i'm not particularly proud of having.

i think that the problem with hollywood is that writers are not respected. everyone knows a films director, but how many writers get the credit for their creation? the answer is not too many, & most of those that do are writer-slash-directors. the only author i can think of off the top of my head who got a fair shake is joss whedon, & look at what he's done. written practically everything, created a seven (7) series success, & a solid spinoff. i understand when writers for sitcoms or what have you are a rotating ensemble, but all i'm saying is that maybe writers deserve a little more credit than they recieve.

i feel dirty.

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