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a toast to dick van dyke, saint of stumbling & pratfalls.

it balances out if after i make my girlfriend cry alot i maker laugh alot, right? all it takes is a bad interpretation of bill cosby, or a robot, or an alien who is high on lsd. earlier today she said our realtionship is predicated on her fear of me: thats awfully sexy, right? or maybe i am a little charlie manson tonight. i like to call him charlie, not charles. like the way that crazy motor cycle scene in flowers for algernon includes the infamous "charlie baby" leather jacket. in the movie i imagine, hulk hogan plays charlie. he cries when the rat dies. he cries so god-damn hard. terry "hulk" hogan can handle this role like no other. fuck that; i can be snide all i want, say whatever i want, but i still insist that arnold has what it takes to be in t3. i'm a scythe through ohio, is what i mean to say. come sunday, i'll have to catch you later; i'm tranfering to a completely diffrent dimestore. one with better prizes in the claw, catch, & grab machine. twenty five cents (.25) used to go much further sixty five million (65,000,000) years ago.

for the purposes of a completely fucking crazy non sequitor, i'll talk about something that occured to me. maybe cortney was a better manifestation of whatever pam was trying to be? no, i mean, like, forget pam; she failed every test set before her. if she was playing chess there would be no king's pawn. i don't have a point but sometimes i think about how they may have been alike. mostly i think about how that is the idea of a dumb ass with no factual evidence. i rarely think about pam, but i do think about cortney. there is no cute summation to be made of that other than to think about how both left. which is flawed in premise. pam walked out a screen door in winter. who the fuck cares, the cold was getting in anyhow. cortney was a bit more of an event. which i guess is the angst of the whole thing. events have begining but more importantly they have endings. sure i know there wasn't much salvage there for claiming, but you know good old me.

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