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taking a class about the principals of thinking & about the history of civilization to fufil liberal education requirements. it seems pretty backwords that those are entry level courses; maybe the very foundations of cognition & the sum total history of all mankind shouldn't be freshmen level. i'm also taking a prufer course though to make up for it. academic bullshit is balanced out by having an ex-nazi rant & rave for two hours (2:00) four out of seven (4/7) days a week. thing is, i've still got that niggling little language requirement. bad news is, kent won't offer the class i need (japanese intermediate 2) until next spring. good news is, next spring hunter college in new york offers it, & it looks like there will be no problem becoming a transient student & taking it there. & while i am talking about the question of moving to new york at the end of this summer, miss astrad & i have been flirting not just with each other but also with the idea of becoming roomates.

internet roleplaying archives from highschool = most embarassing google footprint ever.

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