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the archeologist in me keeps driving me to exploring exhaution's dank tomb. so forget sleeping. after i eat chipotle (this has been a paid endorsement) & start referring to it in a racially insensitive tone discussing lettuce fields or ranai's cozy orange tree copses, nineof26 & i trundle onward; curse of the mummy or no curse, there is doing that needs doing. around twelve thirty (12:30) our technical specs require a rendezvous with quietlyecstatic so that the three of us can see that parlor room moving picture, the matrix. i have to say, despite anyone else's opinion, i not only like it a whole lot more than okay, but prefer it to the first one. though it is very fucking strange when carrie anne moss sometimes has the same face as my exgirlfriend.

for a while after that, antonio & roxanne came over to play video games; after we dropped them off & roxanne took nine back to akron, alice & i hung around drinking cheap vodka & playing video games. & let me tell you, i'm feeling the illscientist here. i don't really like beer all the much when it comes down to red wire, green wire. since i have no class i choose cheap grocery vodka over scotch. i talked to pravda while playing tetris, & discovered how rabbit's foot she can be. adding that to the list of her charms tops her out over mrs. butterworth & aunt jemimah on the randywithe sucrose scale. i wish she would've called me back at some point during the night but alas it was not to be. it was fun reuniting team malice though; eventually alice just ended up playing metal gear solid two (2) while i gave her pointers.

notscotmiller was talking about the unmanned predator spyplane mounting hellfire missiles, & i was thinking about how brian d. & i reacted to that revelation during the afganastan conflict. he & i talked about how the predator is popcorn from a budget perspective, but mostly i was like "wtf hook the fucking thing into skynet allfuckingready why don't you? rise of the fucking machines!" i also mentioned brian to ranai as someone creepy we'd get to hang out if jenny & i ever visited her in orlando. so i suppose that means i miss brian, & its true that i do.

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