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checkmark on page 97.

so when you switch from walking around your apartment like a whisper filling up your water glass while wrapped up in a blanket & avoiding sleeping to striding back & forth from the bathroom to the couch still wrapped in a blanket only wearing it like a cape & humming the imperial march? is that a good thing or a bad thing. that hazy waltz from sexy scizophrenia to hum-drum eccentricity. i'm so conflicted. where the fuck is my talking slingshot. my stomach is the cuttlefish & my heart is the oyster. which of course predictably makes you the pearl. substitute viper & venom for extra moral ambiguity. the lie of moral relativism is the manifestation of nihilism in modern life & the shades of so called "grey" added to so many pieces of literature & film (for the illusion of "depth") is the sign of a thoughtful & mature writer/devout athiest. i watched the sunrise & walked around on the subeams etched through the patchwork venitian blinds of my living room. which i guess makes me the dawntreader, & this is my reepicheep, sent in his tiny kayak towards heaven.

no more metaphorizine, dog. its good to know that occasionally i can winnow a joke like a slim waisted girl. my sense of humor is pretty okay. i'm the funniest motherfucker in the universe! i illustrate idiosyncracy & ilk in idyllic idiom. how's that for a hee-haw? acting natural alone together with my small crowd. this is my english voodoo.

there used to be this graphic that the schwa corporation out out. it was the icthus fish, that would then grow feet into the darwin fish, right? but then it would go beyond that, duplicating its head on each side, then losing its feet, then finally its eyes, turning into a classic flying saucer. i was always envious that i hadn't thought of that, & proud to be part of schwa's front line agents in containing the counter-schwa dissidents.

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