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honorable mention: the cleveland hellmouth.

i answer the phone "baskerville residence, mr. dobermin speaking" for no understandable reason. then, later "madam butterfly's house of genetic oddities." today after chipotle phillip & i were following a school bus around so we could check out the high school girls in white shirts (it was raining) & we ended up in mentor. i saw his parents, & got the deeds to phil's property. he is now a landed man, & i say it is about time. i of course remain errant. then we went & ate at the red robin where my sister works. i asked my sister on a date & she said i was weird. then phillip & i had to leave because there was a mascot. we live by our code of conduct & that code explicitly states that there are to be no mascots. this is much like the stone tablet in my room which, extolling the virtues of america's great president, abraham lincon, says "america does have the constitutional right to take up arms against tyrrany but tyranny has the right to take up arms right back."

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