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sid cobweb, technogenius & mechanocraft savant, has of this date perpetrated brain surgery on himself- the psychoempathic heuristic buffer drip with pin hex output. suffice to say, this device grants him a plus two (+2) to intellegence (int) & a plus three (+3) to will saves. it appears as a clear window anchored in his skull where pins & staples can be seen to tug at his grey matter; next to this is the ever so well punned "cog-nition (tm) amplifier" which employs some sort of clockwork & gears. finally, the pin hex output is a series of pins which plunge into his brain in a complicated algorithmic sequence. part of the reason for this out of game was to allow sid some leeway in dealing with an increasingly immoral party. not only is sid part machine & less hyazin now, but the device itself aids him by adding a layer of dissasociating to his actions. his life is almost like a comic book now, to him; something he watches happen. i also went out of my way to bond with the two characters sid was most alienated from before- myalin, the sociopathic killer; & talmarith the demonist. & i may have successfully turned talmarith's eye towards the technomagical; a coup for science! also, more & more i think sid is actually intrested in being the one to successfully plunder mizer- at least, for enough raw material to construct his submersible nautical creation. anyhow; today's adventure included sid losing his virginity (i miss my girlfriend) & "the dream of the knife" as brought about by hallucinagenic goblin honey.

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