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on the train ride home i saw three mile island, a wild turkey chasing another in a mating dance, & for the first time was awake when we passed by the waterfall in kent. i'm so used to being at the waterfall when trains go by; it was surreal to just want to jump out & be home already. but when i say i saw three mile island. i mean i saw coolant towers looming & i thought about how much i missed jenny. that girls makes me think of towers. i read my books within the first two (2) hours of being on the train. tales from the watership down fails in every way compared to the original. did the author write it for children? did he lean to heavy on the actions of man in the fortunes of rabbits? did he forget the cunning of el-ahrairah? yes on all accounts. the best parts of it were with the gull & when speedwell told his nonsense story. basically, this book was less about the lapine life & more about allegory. & grendal? i'm not sad i read it, but i wasn't braced for it to be a vehicle of a book; i thought it would talk about villiany. i'm not complaining, i'm just saying. afterwords, isaac was an hour (1:00) late picking me up & we went to his apartment to drink with don & julie. now at home the intake fan on my computer can only hiss at me like a komodo dragon & aaron knocked my jade tree off the table a million times while i was gone. while i was gone. it almost feels like desecration of vocabulary; because right now all i feel in my bones is that i ought to be with her.

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