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i was shit on by a bird while walking jenny to the subway. i've never been shit on by a bird (or really, shit & pissed on- thanks for the economy of digestion, evolution!) & for some reason i was like, smug about that. or not smug, i mean, i'd see birds fly over head & i'd be like "man, don't shit on me" & they never had. it was something i'd occasionally thing about- i didn't know if it was normal or abnormal to think about whether or not a bird might poop on you, but i did think about it. so i was pooped on today. thus endeth an era, & so someday rome, etc.

everyone who comes down on eminem for rapping about hating his mother even though he's like, thirty (30)? seriously, fuck you. because every single on of you motherfuckers liked fight club, which does the exact same fucking thing, only directed at fathers. everyone nods when ed norton says he's a thirty (30) year old boy but when eminem does it he takes flack? wait, i'm not even sure why i'm defending mr. mathers; he doesn't exactly need it, & i'm a bit late in the discussion.

SharpShinyClaws: so, you could kinda look like eminem's anti-twin
m caeli: really?
SharpShinyClaws: truly
m caeli: thats pretty awesome.
SharpShinyClaws: so why don't YOU kick 50 cent's ass? He's in new york I think
SharpShinyClaws: only you can use cool technology instead of lyrics
SharpShinyClaws: and your slogan can be "you know, posse is a latin word"

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