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you wouldn't know the meaning of the word "goblin" if it was a double jeapordy question.

i was trying to explain the neil gaiman matrix short story to jenny as best as i could from what i remember but it ended up being something like "okay so your whole wwii era life has been a computer generated lie & we've been training you as a fokker fighter pilot so as to fling you out into outer space to fight these aliens near jupiter. we made the spacefighters controls the same as your fokker plane, so its already like you know how to be an astronaut! okay, get it?" "um...what? where am i?" "shoot all the nazis. they're the little green guys."

so yeah after lots of walking & crosswording & then god-damn it she beat me at pen-the-pig at a bar while we made fun of the most shallow pretenses we'd every overheard while eavesdropping on this guy's date? after all that we went & saw the matrix, sitting high overhead in the balcony but once the movie started it didn't even matter. my favorite part was when zuul showed up after the keymaster & the gatekeeper came together. then neo was all like "wtf?"

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