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so i feel really rad when i catch refrences to the mundane egg just general hindu knowabout as i read through this old how to learn sanskrit book from the fifties (50's). but seriously, one half (1/2) of the book is in script, one quarter (1/4) is sanscrit to english, & the rest is commentary. how fucking impossible is that? so mostly i just skip around, read the commentary, & feel like i'm some kind of linguistic ninja whenever i know what a sanskrit word means without having to look it up.

so i spent today again being a hopping spider between bookstore & park, reading, & generally getting thinking ironed out. i've been sort of mired in mud the last couple of days; not having any friends in new york to hang out with coupled with jenny's depression has been rougher sailing than usual. but i mean, man, fuck that. instead of sitting in the apartment trying to get something written & ending up reloading webpages to see if they updated? its alot jazzier to go get really lost.

yeah, though. jenny went to sleep at nine-thirty (9:30) last night, but it really doesn't rankle. i felt a little bit crummy for a while, but then kingtycoon & i talked on the telephone; after that i went & talked to kira about compulsive liars. when i was finally ready to go to bed, as soon as i crawled in jenny clung onto me- the whole night she sleepily cuddled really nicely to me. & i've been waking up early to make her coffee & things in the morning. i'm such a housewife, right? i took a nap today though? & i had a crazy post-apocalyptic wild west dream. i was dressed in a sort of classier sid vicious? in a black suit & black tie with the shirt untucked sort of fashion. with a nice leather holster on my leg. i came across a cowpoke drunk in a saloon & i said he didn't have a stone to throw or to keep in his belly. whatever that means, i said it.

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