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in the dream, i was on a cast off far away planet. a resort world, a bit too fierce & amazonian to tame completely, but just right for tough, marginalized people to come be frontier folk, & for rich well off people to own their own compounds. i lived in on of two nearly completed compounds, with my "sister." my sister & i were both geneteched; neither of us was a in eutero darwin, i think was that we said. we'd been grown, apart from fathers or mothers; our entire genetic code was synthesized from component chemicals, not just piggy backed off someone else's gametes. she had smalls wrists & long black hair & at certain points in the dream it wasn't entirely clear how innocent or sexual our relationship to each other was, but that didn't matter. what mattered is that we both cared about each other an awful lot.

we had friends in resort town; the children of the construction crew that were still building the place, & the children of the service staff that were running the parts of it that were open. we also had one other friend; algernon. algernon was a small pig like thing, that at first seemed like only a clever pet but eventually learned english to a surprising degree. we'd play with algernon but it always seemed like he wanted to play with the ungenengineered children more; so sometimes my sister & i would be mean to him out of resentment, lowering him into a well or joking about how we wondered if algernon was kosher, while chasing him around. though the other pure breed human children didn't think about it, my sister & i both assumed that algernon was native fauna; we turned out to be completely wrong.

there were really three things we discovered about algernon & the other creatures like him. while we went about the rest of hazy dream life (strange episodes in machine cockpits, distrust from an old witch) the first of the three to become apparent was that algernon was in some way telepathic. he could only communicate by thought when his neck was touched, but for whatever reason, my sister & i couldn't speak with him this way. we didn't even know that it was happening when the old kids would pet him. the next thing we discovered was that he was not indigenous life; he was a hybrid of human & pig. the abandoned & unfinished resort compound to the east of ours had been bought by outside contractors & remodeled into a plant for creating & housing the porcine little creatures.

the third thing was of course the slightly more sinister. at some point, out in the wide unknown cosmopolitan galaxy, the tide turned against the genetically modified. an organic butlerian jihad, & down on our planet it could be felt too. suddenly, everyone who knew we were diffrent before became suspicious & filled with spite; they didn't bother keeping it to themselves, either. & in an unsurprising science fiction twist, algernon & his people were food stock. they human elements had been added so that the non-fleshy bits of their bodies could be harvested for organs. stock stuff, really, but my sister was pretty dead set against it, & unsurprisingly, she could talk me into anything, so an impromptu rescue was planned.

the mission came off one part (1) children's prank, one part (1) homegrown anarchist cookbook, & one part (1) hyperintellegent plots, devices, cloak & dagger. but on the way to the other compound, my sister realized that we'd forgotten all the explosives & weapons. she turned to run home, but i knew in my bones that i had to keep going, so i told her so. i got there, & bullied & tricked my way inside through social engineering. i told the man working at the top of the mostly subterrenean compound (which was a movie theater) that i needed in to go to the spa, & then proceeded to browbeat everyone else i met until i'd gotten my way into the bowels of the place. a scientist then talked about my personal army, while showing me the rows of carcasses & pickled organs. at this point, my sister was with me, through the fluidity of the medium of dreaming. we heard the old man from the movie theater come downstairs, so she scurried off to distract him, as he'd only seen me. when i had convinced the scientist (who looked like dr. feyenmen) to show me all the security protocols on the wee dangerous besties, i punched him in the face & shattered his cheekbones & nose like glass. he dropped to the ground with that special thud reserved for the dead or unconscious, as i released the pig things.

while running during the escape, i came across another room, this with my sister. it had all kinds of charts & drawings about us, & about how humanity was being rendered sterile through the pig people's flesh, so that my sister & i & twenty-five (25) others like us, with our supercrusher genes which always expressed dominant, would repopulate the universe. the full range of profitable human phenotypes was contained in the twenty-seven (27) of us, so that when we or our offspring met, there would be advantageous hybridization. there was something else, as well, something very sinister that made my sister cry but sort of made me well up with pride.

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