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degrassi junior high (jr. high)

in junior high (jr. high) i shared a locker with chuck burley. i spent most of my time hating this kid; see, chuck burley was bigger than me. & i remember him as a bully, but thinking back on it, i can't remember if he actually was. but sometimes i'd come to my locker needing like, my earth science book or something, & he'd be in it & wouldn't hurry up & get out of my way. like a dick. thats when i would decide that next time the fucker got in my way, i'd clock him one but good. then two or three months would go by & i'd forget about being pissed. but i still hated him. then the whole thing would happen again. by high school, i'd figured out that he was just a big stupid fucker. i mean, i always knew he was a big stupid fucker, but by high school thats basically all he was; in jr. high i had to share a locker with him, so i thought about how much i hated him alot more.

also, remember how everyone used to buy those sour candies from that one kid? what the fuck was that. like, i guess he'd just go to the bulk candy store & buy them for nickles on the pound & sell them to his peers for a pound of flesh? i just don't understand why no one got their own candy. but the same thing happened probably at every school across america. plus (+) also, i remember having a crush on katie schick; thats why the whole margot tenebaum thing never worked on me. like, thats what katie schick was going for. & by now i've got the sense to realize that look is just inneundated with "damaged goods."

the word for the day is "bumbling," & today's million dollar ($1,000,000) marketing concept is the salamander squad. i made up their theme song, too. one of them is a demolitions expert, one is a kung-fu fighter, one is a sexy chick, one is a crazy pilot, & one of them is mr. t. they're all amphibians. they are the salamander squad. they don't stop fighting crime when it is tea time, because they are not british, they are all american. one of them is also a wizard, but you will not know which one! oh, salamander squad, to the rescue. sometimes i think really hard about playing lunar: the silver star on the sega cd. when i do, i mostly think about the theme song, & how ridiculous it was, & that i liked it because of it.

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