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surreptitiously johnny on the spot.

i'm a statistical anomoly, but not in the way that it normally goes. not like, one in a million (1-in-a-1,000,000). actually, what it is is sort of more exciting. i'm an extra third (1/3)of a guy! the answer to why i like being developmentally suburban is that the two point three (2.3) means sister & me! i'm so great, i count as extra. its also why i'm so lonely, growing up in the suburbs & missing two thirds (2/3) of myself. because you don't see the repeating decible, but its there, right at the junction of the tigres & euphrates. also, not many people know about it, but i can unhinge my lower jaw so as to distend my mouth & throat to swallow large things. science has proven that i can swallow an entire raviloli or manatee calf.

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