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i've got all these word floating around without bodies to attach to; these parasitic ghosts. cenobite, cloistered, acolyte, dabbler, dilletante, swashbuckler. i've made lists of other words; ones i wasn't sure could take a punch & keep coming at you. sometimes i wonder if solimon sounds like airplanes to other people's ears. & i've been reading periodical literature lately, which i basically never do. some of it is just the most repulsive thing i can imagine; writing about how edgy bill mahr is & using the phrase "dixie chicked" more than three times in your article leaves me wondering what your home address is & basically thinking that new york city's handgun laws need specific clauses to provide loopholes. no one could blame me for killing that guy. on the other hand, when rick moody quotes andreas capellanus' rules of courly love when talking about the magnetic fields ("love cannot exsist in the individual who cannot be jealous.")? i can't get enough of people pulling that necromancer bullshit & getting old ink to stumble up out of its grave. then to spin it all linda blair thriller style? well lets just say eminem isn't the only cat spitting & clawing on this hot tin roof.

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