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will someone play middle earth risk with me please?

for lunch jenny & i had pizza & tater tots; which is weird because i'd been thinking about that just yesterday. in elementry school the tinfoil wrapped pepperoni pizza would be on top of the tater tots; the grease from the pizza would drip down into the tater tots, but if you didn't take the foil off the top just right, the crusts of the pizza would be inedible thanks to the tinfoil sticking to it. the obvious upside to this was that a perfect tin foil peal was one of those transcendent childhood moments; a job well done with immediate rewards. anyhow, i was always jealous of the poor kids; see, ii got this green card with a spot for seven (7) punches- you bought school lunches for a week. poor kids got the subsidezed orange card, with like, thirty (30) punches on it for the same price as my seven (7)! color me jealous; i never really liked brown bagging it.

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