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m caeli: arg
Rossevelli: aggg
Rossevelli: i am writing my play by play now!

m caeli: nice. good?
Rossevelli: I think so ?
m caeli: i am? unable to sleep. jenny went to bed around 8 thirty with no making out or sex (tm).
m caeli: i have been a ghost
Rossevelli: o you poor thing
Rossevelli: fly to orlando!
m caeli: so much! so bored & lonely.
Rossevelli: we will go to praty
Rossevelli: party!
m caeli: who's party!
Rossevelli: no, just party in general
Rossevelli: i want to go TO a party though!
m caeli: i had the worst day today. i got lost, i got frustrated, i got crabby & i got headaches, stomach aches. no kissing even
m caeli: jenny all at work, me late to pick her up.
Rossevelli: oh nos
m caeli: i got d&d work done? so okay? but its all badly written & plus no one comments on it.
m caeli: i'm just complainy.
Rossevelli: turn that frown upside down!
Rossevelli:  = 
m caeli: she sleeps alot more than me? which is okay when there is tv or books or good livejournal or people online. but there hasn't been. i just watched he sleep for an hour? i like doing that. but i'm still a crab.
m caeli: & plus, how shitty is it for me to complain about not enough sex? the answer = pretty shitty.
m caeli: but if i try to like, plan for it or talk about it? she gets turned off. wtf. like, she feels obligated. & like, on her days off we have enough sex? but she works alot! & sleeps alot! i get her for like, 5 hours a day.
Rossevelli: You will get sex soon enough
m caeli: i know, i know.
m caeli: i'm just all affection starvedd & didn't even have errands to run today.
Rossevelli: go cuddle up to her in bed
Rossevelli: unless it makes you horny
Rossevelli: and then you wake her up and she just wants to sleep
Rossevelli: and then gets made
Rossevelli: mad
m caeli: no, its not like that.
m caeli: its just like; kissy kissy what the fuck you are sleepy? but what about the kissing! am i not adequate?
m caeli: so i feel bad. like, my foreplay can't keep you intrested?
Rossevelli: sometimes a girl just can't get into the mood no matter what
m caeli: no i know; she's real sleepy. i'm intellectually fine. just grumpy because i've been grumpy all day, can't sleep, & also, i can't sleep.
m caeli: & she's so cute
Rossevelli: PJ had the same problem you did, every now and then
Rossevelli: I would just be too tired and he'd be all pissy
m caeli: i was already all pissy? usually i'm too much good boyfriend to be.
m caeli: like; i cooked her dinner while she slept? woke her up, fed her dinner, then she went back to bed. she's real tired.
m caeli: i need to relax? but have been drinking too much alone at night on the computer.
m caeli: basically? i wanted to make a fussy livejournal entry. but was reconsidering it because mostly i am not articulate enough right now. it would just be an ugly gharish rant. so instead you get it yay.

now i am done.
Rossevelli: BRAVO
Rossevelli: I am talking to Ex Friend Mike
m caeli: maybe i will cut n' paste this & lock it in the intrest of livejournal honesty.
m caeli: ex friend mike is which one?
Rossevelli: the bastard who fell in love with ayn rand and shit on me endlessly
m caeli: thats what i thought.
Rossevelli: I like to talk to him for masochistic reasons once a yea
Rossevelli: r
m caeli: i hate fucking ayn rand, for one thing.
Rossevelli: as well you should
Rossevelli: i haven't seen this guy in 2 years
m caeli: & i mean, i'm pretentious as all fuck; look at my diary! so she must really suck.
Rossevelli: ahahahahaha
Rossevelli: good call

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