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i've been exceptionally crabby & fussy today. i'm better now, but only after jenny gave me a crown of kisses. i was late picking her up from work by like an hour due to my own stupidity & getting lost. then we walked in the park, which was nice; i saw the set up for the survivor last episode & also the same begging jazz musicians as i saw at the astor place stop when i was lost. yeah; i was so lost that i missed the one & one half ( 1 1/2) block walk from the f to the 6 at bleaker by that much. i've felt frustrated & annoyed all day for no reason. oh & this morning i had lox for the first time ever & it was pretty good by i didn't like the after taste. instead of sucking i'm going to write the statistical modifications for the elves of my world; they turned out to be ecl +2 i think, but what the fuck do i care.

the seid (sayeed) are the first of all peoples; older by far than their cousins the humans or their nearest analogs, the alade deities. the word seid is literally "named," which is what the elves consider themselves- they alone among all things were given names by their creator. each elf's name is an important part of their identity; in fact, the most important part. the seid speak of names the way humans speak of hearts; indeed there even seems to be an analogous organ in the elven anatomy. elves themselves are immortal, but for violence, disease, & "sem." sem is usually translated as "a broken heart" but in fact would be better served by translating it as "a transgression of name." sem is what occurs when an elf violates his or her core self. in a life absent of the first city, the elves native habitat, such transgression is inevitable. few elves live past their seven hundreth (700th) year. seid also have a fixed population; no elf is concieved unless another has died. in fact, the elf concieved will have the name of the elf that died; the closest thing to theological debate among a people for whom religious issues are manifestly answered is whether this new elf is simply the bearer of the name or a transmigration of the deceased elf. all elves dream of the first city; but unfufillingly. the closest modern day analogy would be to viewing single frames of a coherent film in no particular order. enough information can be gleaned to cause heart-ache, but not enough to form a coherent narrative in most cases.

all seid possess the following traits.

11+ level in spell resistance. as named creatures, elves have a fixed place in the universe; it is difficult to tell the universe to change its mind, even with magic.

profeciency with the longsword. the seid were god's army, & the sword has ever been the weapon of its soldiers.

base speed 30'

low light vision. in fact, this is an ambient vision that accomodates the occult radiation of the oubliette. within the oubliette see as normal, as do they under open skies or in normal low light conditions. additionally, the inclusion of an extra colour alters an seid's perception of the world from a human in strange ways.

+2 to listen. the sharp & pointed ears of the elves cup sound better than a human's. it is a traditional elven jest that god made human ears round so they would not be able to hear it sneak up on them.

a damage resistance of 1 for the purposes of attribute damage. the seid were made to stand against creatures who often include crippling poisons or side effects coupled with their attacks.

a virtual +1 to their base attack bonus for the purposes of aquiring feats or joining prestige classes.

an adjusted critical range of +1 after all other modifications (improved critical, keened weapons, etc) are accounted for.

the seid favored class is sorcerer.

there are three subtypes of elves. the seid'kel are best known as the pearl elves, though the best fitting translation of their name is the throne elves. the persistance of the name pearl elves is due to their skin colouration: pearl elves range from a diffuse translucence to a mother of pearl; a rare few are almost an organic quicksilver, nearly faceted. their blood is a predictably milky pearlescent. the seid'kel were the defensive army of the first city; their skin tone is made to reflect & magnify the splendor of the city of god. the wisest of the elves, the seid'kel are often sought after as advisors & vizirs.

the counterpart to the seid'kel are the seid'mum; the steeple elves, though the more common translation of gallows elves is just as fitting. the offensive force of god's soldiers, the seid'mum were also charged with enforcing the will of god amonst the elves. those found to be too far our of line or dabbling in dark arts were hung from the steeple of the temple; hence the name gallows elves. the seid'mum are grim in countenance but no less fair then their fellows; they are darker in coloration; ashen greys & even dim blues are not uncommon among them.

the seid'ade are known as the crown elves. they were the generals & officers of the elves; brilliant & charismatic, but prone to madness & reckless tactics. the seid'ade were also the politicians of the elves, & the only elves prone to duel amonst one another. paradoxically the wildest & most civilized of the seid, the crown elves today often find themselves at the center of various cults of personality. seid'ade bleed black, & this affects their pigmentation accordingly; crown elves have black lips & mouths, for instance. this makes their beauty the more surreal & alien, but rarely detracts from it.

+2 dex, -2 str, +2 cha.
+2 to perform, +2 to balance

+2 des, -2 wis
+2 to intuit direction, +2 to gather information

+2 dex, -2 con, +2 in, -2 wis, +2 cha.
+ 2 to innnuendo, +2 sense motive

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