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some information of some of the goblin hegemonies.

hollowhaunt hegemony
the premier corby of the goblin empire; their god, king rustmrik, is the king of all goblins; he rules over the other divine agents the way hobgoblins rule over all other goblins. king rustmrik is the only goblin god who has a first name- or at least, "rustmrik" seems to follow the general linguistic patterns for goblin names, with no entemological root for its meaning. the word rustmrik has come to mean the biggest & the best of anything; the largest subterrenean ocean is the mare rustmrik, & the highest mountain peak of the walk is mount rustmrik, for example. rustmrik is the meanest & the greenest. his thousand yard stare is measured in miles. no other goblin hegemon compares to his might & inescapable malice; no dwarven father rivals him in spite or power. he is the forever troubled monarch of the goblins. his secret police is led by merewig hollowhaunt. the hollowhaunts are known to be the most agressive, byzantine, & cunning. their dead-eye snipers are feared by all those who are concerned with assassination. the hollowhaunters run everything, & when they don't run something, they expect not only the best as tarriff, but also a piece of the action.

+2 to bluff checks for the purposes of remaining concealed.

woundmaw hegemony
woundmaw goblins look like leatherclad boogiemen, skintight s&m outfits snug & laced up. their god woundmaw's teeth leave wounds that never heal on any they touch. grapfril woundmaw is his current adjunct, who keeps a record of all his divinity devours. the series of caverns that contain this information is intricate & rumored to extend deeper than the walk is long, yet woundmaw himself remains thin as a rail.

+2 to intimidate checks on attempts to cause sheer discomfort.

thornbeard hegemony
the thornbeard corby is at the forefront of any violent conflict involving dwarves; less from racial hatred then from a profound understanding of profit. thornbeard himself (who does, quite literally, have a scragally beard thorns) deals in the trade of individuals- not slaves, but rather, skilled mercenaries. it is his archers, led by wulplot thornbeard, who are sent to blaine, & it is his goblins that pad the platoons of every army.

+2 to diplomacy for the purposes of arguing for wages.

bramblescream hegemony
the goblin calvary rides on wolves & worgs; it is the bramblescream corby who make this possible. skilled at the husbandry of wolves & the motives of worgs, these goblins negotiate & breed mounts for all the goblin empire. bramblescream himself is said to have found the alpha male of all wolves & both broken its spirit & appealed to its hunger. he rides it now to war across the dark forests of the world that his demnse empties into; & now he feeds it with the flesh of dwarves as it lays beneath his table. the chief of his stables is ligsmlat bramblescream.

+2 to animal empathy checks on wolves only; also, this skill is allowed untrained.

sawgrin hegemony
the hegemon of the sawgrin is said to be in some important way affiliated with hegemon woundmaw; sawgrin is either his mother or daughter or sister, depending on which opinion you believe. whatever the case, the relationship is far from civil between both gods & corbies. the sawgrin compete with the woundmaw wherever the opportunity arises. sawgrin herself is a motivater of no mean caliber; with whip & crook she bosses those of her clan or any other unfortunates within striking distance to action.

+2 to intimidate checks when attempting to coerce obediance from social inferiors.

razorscald hegemony
the razorscald are an odd bunch, even among goblins. they are imitators of above worlders, but only so far as their selfish interpretations go. alade dress, balach codes of hygene; these & more have been incorporated & corrupted by the razorscald. razorscald herself is legendary for her bouts of uncontrollabble anger, & this reputation is passed on to her corby. often has a razor scald lived up to their sobriquette though unexpected violence; a cook throwing boiling water on a customer, a barber taking his scalpal to a tardy nurse. despite this perchant for explosive violence, the razorscald are one of the hegemonies with the most prolific interaction with surface dwellers.

+2 to diplomacy checks on one type of surface dweller.

blightwire hegemony

scarestripe hegemony
every hobgoblin knows how important it is to look his best: his most intimidating, gaudy, & opulant. the scarestripe are the tailors who make that possible. every polka dot or pinstripe they sew is a labour of detail; every ribbon is cared for as though life or death hinged upon it. each medal is created as though the commendation for valor was real. scarestipe himself is said to have once been a normal goblin, who's work on ruskmrik's wardrobe was so exemplary that the great king of all goblins diefied him.

+2 on proffession: tailor when making goblin clothing.

feralsting hegemony
the feralsting are the great confectioners of goblinkind, keepers of subterrenean beehives that defy imagination. their candies are desired by all; the most innocent are swirls of tastes, but there are others more sinister- addictive chemicals, poisons, tranquilizers; old feralsting himself is said to be aware of masterful chemical cocktails that can achieve almost any effect one ingested.

+2 on alchemy checks involving sugary substances.

snarlmidge hegemony
snarlmidge is the runt of the goblin hegemons, the counterpoint to rustmrik's boss, & the rest of her ilk follow suit. the snarlmidge are smaller, less threatening, & generally more sniveling than other goblin families- but what they lack in physical might, they make up in treachery. a snarlmidge goblin is the thief premeire of scoundrels. as agent provocetaurs they are more likely to work through chaumurky & stilletos than any other mean except perhaps forgery; steady is the hand that holds both the dagger & the pen. pecklewort snarlmidge, a goblin who left the warren to escape the heavy handed hobgoblins, is one of the worlds foremost abnegation extraction specialists.

+2 to forging specific signatures.

cognaw hegemony
the most mechanistically adept of the goblin's technocrats are the cognaw hegemony; designers of most of the empire's seige machinary & innovation. their absent mindedness is legendary, & sometimes other goblins wryly remark that if the loss of careless cognaw technicians was counted in bodyparts, their seige engines would never run out of shot. cognaw herself is renown for her foul mouth; at times of scientific frustration is is said that her blistering curses have boiled the flesh clean off her assistants.

+2 to disable device for purposes of sabotauge.

flaysnare hegemony
many goblins believe the flaysnare corby to be a myth, a story for children. this is sadly untrue. flaysnare goblins are the cuckoo's of the empire; they have no warren or chasm to themselves. their young are placed into the broods of other hegemonies, & as adults continue this masquerade. the god flaysnare himself is said to disdain even this, hiding amonst other goblins only to subsist on them canibalisticly. fable holds that he told to rustmrik a secret so terrible that the great king of hollowhaunt decimated & scattered his people, but was allowed to live on as a god for his loyalty. he comes to all the adolescent flaysnare goblins in time, revealing to them their inescapable hegemonic identity.

+2 to disguise affiliation, but not identity.

+2 dex
-2 cha
+4 move silently
+2 hide
+2 fort save
+1 with ranged attacks
+2 vs. illusion
30' movement
60' darkvision
languages- walk goblin, goblin wartongue, one other.
favored class: rouge.
+2 dex
+2 str
-2 con
+1 ac insight bonus
+2 to bluff
+2 to intimidate
+1 with ranged attacks
+2 vs. illusion
30' movement
60' darkvision.
languages- walk goblin, goblin wartongue, one other.
favored class: rouge.
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