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m: "i love you so much, if you were eating a brownie? & it sprouted thousands (1000s) of shadowy demon hands? i'd eat the fucking brownie. i don't even fucking care. i'd eat it right the hell up."
jenny: "what if it had pot in it?"
m: "i'd still eat it. then i'd be all like "man i'm so high omg devil."

tonight had its high points. but it had a slew of lows, too. all from an errant remark misinterpreted by yours truely. but the errant remark was still let loose! it doesn't matter. its such a null issue? i only put it here for an honest recounting of the evening. off the cuff can be cruel. & then disconnected sex just leaves its hollow wolven footprints around the tent. anyhow, tommorow is jenny's day off & it isn't like tonight left any resentment. just some folly & faulty misteps. by tommorow it will all have fluttered away. just like my drunken rambling from last night seems to have. i don't fucking know. i don't feel like writing anything for posterity right now. i just want to talk about d&d or something.

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