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make sure to concentrate extra hard to ensure audrey horne's survival.

instead of writing sentences that sound more like broken glass then the canny words of a capable boy, i've come up with a two prong plan. the first is to read the book thais by anatole france. the copy here is an illustrated library edition from nineteen twenty-six (1926). i don't know what it is about, or if i will read it today, but i've got it out here. then the second, deadlier prong? this prong is so dangerous is gets the anti-christ choir backup vocals. lets just say it involves a gun that shoots bullets that burrow into flesh, the way a carnivourous locust or a large bullet sized maggot might. the prong might just go right through you like a hook through a fish's lip. i have found the tools neccisary to help me complete my task; they do include metal that can be bent but not cut. it is from the deepest places of the ocean. the ocean is a frightening place to the unprepared! there is a cuttlefish there that will just grab right onto you, perhaps biting you with its beak. my plan will not be disrupted even by the vigil of ten gunmen or the tender ministations of hot mutant lesbos trying to seduce me. vex me no longer jean grey & kitty pride! there is doing that needs doing. & i am just the violent offender to do it. i will steer clear of churches however! happy the tolling of their bells is not. i hear at churches sometimes they touch your throat with candles. i am so against that that i am forced to make a tummult of the air with my punches! i punch the hell out of the air to avoid candles touching my throat!

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