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man, great news just came my way from one aaron brister. the man-crush is back at the gym! the toughest guy ever has come back to be tough & dangerous. aaron says he grew his hair out, so whatever, but man, fuck this. as soon as i come back from new york & my gym membership is back in effect, expect me to get michaelangelo. i can go & see the toughest guy ever be extraordinarily strong. thats fucking fantastic. the time for punching fists to gauge to a larger bore is now!

& today at kingtycoon's it was so nice to share a hot tub with my old friend pagnasmol. & also good to get my no-named chinodicean out of my system, since i realized that i really like sid cobweb a whole lot. i did feel pretty good about getting pointed out as the character with the highest wisdom. i was trying pretty hard for that. but while the revelations of the spectral names is absolutly a worthwhile carreer path, i did that gig, & now i'm into the creation of weird science terms for maniac inventions.

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