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all these bitter poisons.

i don't even get a chance to take my coat off once i'm in the door of my apartment; i head straight to the bathroom & throw up grape leaves. where you'd say heart-ache i say absence. absence makes night the way might makes right. which sort of ties the whole thing together in a ribbon.

aaron & rob (the blandest boy in all the world) & i go to see sean sing at the bar with carrie & her emotional baggage. its the whitest room in the world so before a half an hour (:30) is up, i slip out the door when backs are turned. i end up with nichole while she dies her hair. thinking votive candles & the gecko brothers. we go to the first of our tour desinations. we play a good set there. while i sit on the couch talking about the savage garden a picture of fidel castro smiles down on me. the tequila has a sticker across its brand name that says "quality seafood." the store put it there for theft prevention. zaid is another anchor in the cube of a party as well as the cute physics girl. the second party is tris', where i leave house of leaves open to page ninety-seven (97) on her bed before we go to the bar. it is the like the bible. start anywhere, stop anywhere. which brings the topic of the evening back around again. i stop in the loft to say my hellos & establish floor space before going to find steve & erica at the zephyr. i shoot the verbal pigeons out of the air with my handy team burke mojo for a while. but anyhow this is where it gets intresting.

cortney is there with eli. she tells me this & i'm not sure if it is code for me to interprete. i've been talking alot about coded terrorist transmissions today, so it is only reasonable. is it time for the punching? should i be conversationally rescuing her? i just walk away. i'm not the knight for her in any case. back at the loft, the doors are locked; so it is in the zephyr i stay. eventually i sulk my way into a conversation with cortney. which you know. one liners are stilletos. "did you punch him?" "yeah, three times, & i slapped him, he apologised, & we went on talking." "wow, he gets off that easy?" or you know. "bite them! bite my iv scars!" "i'm not biting your iv scars." "psh. thats only because you have a girlfriend." "& you have a boyfriend. look what we managed to do." & you know, if you had ever asked the secret me? i would have said that c & m was a sure thing; go ahead & carve the math into trees. but you can't just drift into something like that, hot toddys or no. so then we bad penny the conversation. it turns up. it turns out that this is probably the last time we'll lay eyes on each other ever. at least there is a pretty strong chance of that. maybe my telephone will ring on sunday. so she cried on my collar & i kissed her on the forehead & then i left. but by the time i got home i was all there is no life on mars. the shin bone is connected to the knee bone but the brain she just don't tick-tock with the tar coloured heart. but we've been saying goodbye for years. eventually the postage grew high. & of course i make a humphry bogart exit on the evening. cue the smoke & roll credits. i'm sorry i couldn't come up with anything better. so i seized the crown of thorns. i've been a mangle over you. so long.

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