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pharoh cooked this pie.

i want to write everything in four (4) word or less intrest bundles. evil kineval circles. nightgown of a knife. because i'm so fucking enthused about everything i have to say. four (4) words. no room for appointments. i sharpen i sharpen. one hundred & fifty (150) piano keys worth of words. all so black & white stark. candece cameron has anorexia. epson salts in sanscrit. et fucking cetera. i tarzan you jane. biathalons involve gun fire. you smoke i sharpen. cow bell phone calls. quark flavoured first dates. stick a comma inbetween everything to make me a real boy. oh i blue faerie. oh i mean black. repetition in madrigal life. wolf eyes are brass. wayan brother's tree fort. capable nurse in fishnets. cain & never able. songs from sesame street. medals won in war. oh i can i i am. i'm not who you think i am. i said no room for appointments but what i mean was no room at the inn. i mean gabriel came unto mary. i mean jibril. i mean three letter snippits. mem, lal, zaz. but j is how one name starts & fucked if i could tell you the vowel or the end. one hundred & fifty (150) little clementines. i throw away bottles. & i havn't even started yet.

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