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"will sars spread here? nearly half polled fear it will. what do you think? vote!"
who was it during the whole afganastan thing that was talking about this style of fake journalism? then it was about encrypted messages to secret operatives in televised promo spots by osama, but the same logic holds. which is how the fuck do you expect the average person to know anything about the spread of disease vectors on a trans-continental level? never fucking poll the public. this is why i hate democracy. an uneducated sewage worker from spokane should have absolutely no bearing on my life, unless i happen to be in spokane & a toilet i'm sitting on explodes. & oh fucking yes. i realize that my proposition of "fuck democracy" means that said plumber from spokane might not have a say on their own life. well la-di-fucking-da. odds are, at best he really only voted for the president anyhow, a pointless act reinforcing the entire issue. which is part of my problem with our republic. can we say "beauracracy system constructed when america was a sliver of east coast with no telephones?" anyhow, i'm just stewing & brawling; feeling all royal tenenbaum.

last night i dreamt about arguing. arguing about irish nationalism. which is sort of something i've done alot of maybe. but only the arguing that a bunch of people who agree with each other can do. because while it is cute to joke about me being a gypsy, last i knew my grandmother was the last to travel with the gyspy caravan, & even that was only for a short time. but american irish is a funny thing you get to be all the time; especially when your whole holidays growing up consists of lots of them. i mean, i'm not very attached to the biologicals, when you break it down into component atoms. but i still had to grow up tiny & be bossed around. man, i'm a fucking genius. i'm just going to equip children with small arms & then no one will be able to tell them what to do. see, all along i was only intrested in the preservation of innocence. it was the surprise at the bottom of my cereal box from day one. excuse me, chamber maid, could you bring me my flame thrower from the coat check? thanks, you're a dear.

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