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(the following is a gift from LiveJournal user "pravda")

12 months of paid account time have been added to your LiveJournal account "mordicai".

this is how much it means. send me every fucking address. every time; mine & hers. its pretty much inconsequential. i could enthuse & tell you about how i use a trellis to frame love? but it wouldn't add up. like,there isn't anything. as best as you've had it? i don't be grudge. because eventually, i won her again. it is stupid how crazy i get? but crazy is the way i end up. i go through nights & days but you know what? everbody basically gets one simple fact. i'm a tombstone for her. i'll sit still & say something pretty on myself just for her to read across myself. i'm fucking drunk. but only becaude i'm kaledoscope for her. you could break me into pieces & each one would just tell you how great she is. she is the only one i could imagine who could say she understands how loving brothers doesn't diminish her. she is? something i never could have ghosted for. i'm absolutely dumbfounded. if there is a ziggurut left standing it is because aztecs tear out heart for her. fuck you if you are such a sore that you can't be happy for me. i'm the war on everything & she's my oasis. she's my fucking water in a life of desert. i'm drunk & my metaphor may suffer? but she's the best mind of my generation.

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