mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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& so it breaks down this way. i'm glad to go to the after-party. everyone has their "this child-my child" aggriavances. man i'm fucking drunk. i'd be floating excapt this guy has something to prove. he keeps saying "you" when he means "whitey." he has no fucking idea what the fuck i am. maybe i menace him a little bit. i'm the fucking end of your stupid cycle, kiddo. but jeremy is out of it. come to mention it, leaving seems okay to me. vroom. isaac is a driver! no police is a power her has. i saw people at thursdays'? okay. it was nice. i'm happy to have these scar shaped goodbyes. i'm so fucking tired. i'm always fucking tired. i call jenny just to tell her goodnight. for her it should always be goodnight. or else i'll fucking clock your ass to the floor. don't you ever fucking disturb her. she means more to me than carrots mean to bugs bunny.

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