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i'm a fucking darkbulb. evil tulips grow out of me.

well raise the jolly fucking roger. even the stage hands move like they're liquor; they shimmer across the planks of the stage two fingers high & luminous. a girl with an ovencleaner face says something about macbeth but at this point the metaphor is running as slim as thread between the fingers of atropos. the whole hypnosis pocketwatch flotsam is scraping against coral reefs so before too long the cork on this ship in a bottle is hemmingwayed out. everyone could wake up from rem sleep a sociopath, but people are like mr. potatohead. whatever parts were in when you put him back in the box tend to still be on when you take him back out. so why don't you tell me what i was wearing when i went to bed. it will be like a parlour trick.

but this is really what i think. that the universe is like a big maze made of cardboard boxes & i'm just the teddy ruxpin to walk through it. the rest of everybody is a series of holes stuck in the cardboard to which googly eyes & kissing mouths or green pipes & bulbous noses are afixed. every so often you get a chatty cathy or a self-wetting suzy. or star wars action figure here or there. most of you don't even have your own special read along with the chime cassette tape innards. but every so often you run into one of those big furry catapillar sonsofbitches, & wouldn't you know it, he reads his part on the tape when you'd usually just have a gap in the track?

who the fuck are you kidding? i'm george fucking washington. anyway you look at it, quarters or wholes, i'm slot-dropped into arcade machines. pump, pump dig-dug. there are all these lizards hiding various fruit types in your cemetary. some of them are even wearing goggles. things have gotten bad & lonely are the dead no more!

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