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sem is the elven word for a broken heart.

this is the recipe for dividing the continents from pangea. so that the waters rush in to drown heretics & waning species, to leave protoculture cities buried in silt. or so it says in the canticle of anamika, divine steward of the decaying body. the canticle contains the procedures for the ritual butchering & dismemberment of the faithful departed of alade. it is by his proclimation that the elves are named the vadhan to the people of alade; the consecrated murderers. his mother is scign the grey goose of death itself, & his wife is pravisant, the lady of the pentamerous, flowers & stars. their daughter is sil'dildal, who through cunning escapes the predicaments her rash explorations discover. she is a true punk rocker in striped stockings & torn petticoats.

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