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i sit in chairs like a clipped stringed marrionette.

the locust dreams.

spent alot of yesterday puttering around the old homestead. cleaned out pots of food gone bad that had been in the refridgerator for literal months. organized some papers, including two folders worth of d&d stuff. cleaned up a little more, though in my room you can hardly tell; using my suitcase as a way to hold some of the extra stuff doesn't pan out when you need your suitcase to travel every so often. good heavens i'm not complaining about it though. i'm just nuts about that girl; she says she wants to feed me all the meatballs from her italian wedding soup. anyhow, eventually i got chipotle despite stomach rumbling misgivings with teke & filkliq & watched the movie "summer camp" which i thought was pretty okay, & lacked any where the red fern grows virgin suicides sort of morality, which it almost seemed to be train tracking its way toward.

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