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my stationary collection.

spent an ambrosial evening with kingtycoon. including "what! godamn! unacceptable! dude, fuck the navigator!" in which i leave the room, & also me winning twenty dollars from an old lady for talking to her about belle & sebastian. saying that feels dirty, but it wasn't like i had to know about belle & sebastian; she seemed happy that someone was talking to her. i also told the bartender to read the house of leaves, & then kingtycoon told me that listening to the saddest song in the world ("superman's song" by the crash test dummies) on the mix-cd i made him for christmas made him cry while holding his baby for the second time in forever. then i might have walked home a little bit like an asshole? i'm unclear on that. the additional pitcher of beer hammer-headed sharked me. then this morning i made bacon to put on my chicken sandwich, so basically i'm thinking that those heads on easter island? must be of m, master chef.

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