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abnormal cellular growth from krilinger radiation tends to effect the medular area of the brain, initially.

okay, so seriously? i don't have any idea how to make hardboiled eggs. well, i have some idea. that idea is that i put them into boiling water, & that there is a special timer that is even shaped like an egg to tell me how long i should leave them in there. but i do not have this special timer. it doesn't even matter to me, i am too unruly to be stopped by no egg timers. boy scouts taught me to be resourceful, so i'm going to just flip the fuck out iron chef style. & i am not talking about the one with william shatner my friends; i am not even talking about that one! if i need advice, i will not do a google search for how to make a hard boiled egg, no sir (or madam). i will do some lovecraftian research as to make my eggs in the most wicked & otherworldy fashion possible; that is just the sort of boy i am! i'll see you in twelve (12) minutes, you fuckers!

userisok: i was talking about you the other day.
M caeli: what did you say about me?
M caeli: good precious things?
userisok: ha.
userisok: not telling.
M caeli: comon, i'll um...give you a cruller.
M caeli: i'll tell you a secret!
userisok: it wont be a secret anymore!
M caeli: it will be, it will be OUR secret then.
userisok: i told dennis that i enjoy sex with mordicai's cadaver.
M caeli: man, thats so true, but also, i think you are fooln' me!
userisok: what!
M caeli: i think you, are they say, are pulling my leg.
userisok: i would never!
M caeli: which is strange & uh...kinda hot.
userisok: honestly,
userisok: i said that.
M caeli: you viper!
userisok: word for word.
M caeli: i am a loveable rouge! a charming drunkard with a perchant for gun play! you wouldn't do me dirty, would you?
userisok: oh, look at that!
userisok: lunch time.
userisok: xo.
M caeli: aww!
M caeli: batting my eyelashes is no good?
M caeli: where have my powers gone!
M caeli: professor x will hear about this!

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