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only link of hyrule can stop megaman's ramage.

okay, for a real quick minute, i want to tell you about this awful shirt that i'm wearing. its the crow, but not just? its the crow: city of angels. "but its past laundry day," says me. youse guys then say "but you still own it, you big looser!" so here i go with the story. deep breath. okay so when i was a little kid my father only understood the idea that the band the smashing pumpkins was popular & also kids who wore too much black liked the crow so he asked me if i liked the crow & i said sure only my father the spy is not hip & so for holiday gifts i got a ton of the crow: city of angels merchandise & also smashing pumpkins t-shirts. okay jeremy is wearing my mideval times crown, so it is time for me to go to chipotle.

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