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hey, great news! my scholarship application was accepted at the h.g. wells school of temporal mechanics, & they have back dated my diploma & tenure pay, so i'm going to visit the dawn of the machine's xenocidal war against mankind! i am very excited to see the great thesis that i am going to write thanks to the acceptance of the predestination paradox by the dean of nonanthropolical studies in 2009! i must know that synthetic intellegence will be a hot topic in the publish or perish era of humanity's twilight! plus, my knowledge of post-apocalypse survival tactics will make me very popular in the organic interment & zoological preserves! talk about a win-win situation; & i'm not even really a human! gosh, i wonder what sort of hair care options are available in the future. i mean, there is probably even a third step being beyond the current options of shampoo & conditioner! you shit-can your frivolous talk of perpetual motion devices pronto; lather, rinse, repeat really takes on an ominous tone when your optimal paradigm for time travel allows for a mobius loop.

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