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i return to the lair.

"refering to the unexpected popularity of their recent tour, crown me king released a statement wednesday morning stating 'well, to nick a line from john allison (author of noted internet comic scary go round), 'when john lennon said that the beatles were bigger than god, he overstated the issue. i am sure we all agree on that. but when i say that crown me king is at least on nodding terms at the local shop with a certain jesus h. christ, i'm simply stating a fact.'"

when i order drinks on airplanes? the people sitting next to me say "i'll have what he's having." anyhow, i finally started reading watership down on the flight, & it turns out that i like it alot. its part of my self assigned d&d reading, relating to my hyazin tinker, sid cobweb. i already finished 20,000 leauges beneath the sea; i am thinking tom sawyer ought to go on the list. speaking in geek, i finally got that book of sanskrit from jenny, so the alade naming conventions are going to be pretty much easy sailing from here on out, i think. also, i've been thinking about other playable character types in my game; notably player monsters. from the arachnids there will be driders & giant spiders for sure; probably ettercaps as well, but i doubt the raich-moloch will ever be available for pcs. then for the goblins, i'll probably make worgs available, & i might try to make some sort of loose rules for goblin flukes. oh, & i am thinking of letting alade clerics maybe choose feats from the list of available monstrous feats? i havn't really looked at the book of them, but the strong hindu imagery lately has got me thinking of a fistful of stars. fistful of dollars? fistful of karma?

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