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zombie buffet!

at the sarcastic atrium, the genespliced heron-geisha boy was busy cooking baked beans in the can, over a bunsen burner. his antics would make headlines at the newstand, this is certain, with his waving gun barrels beneath the very beaks of the police. literally! not even figuratively. he doesn't even care. he says screw your confucious bullshit, & flips right the fuck out. i think he has played too many violent video games & now has gone out of the control, contracting the electronic rabies. it is true, & so sad. because he owes me money. oh & just as a general fact, i think it should be announced that johnny quest is a shitty ventriloquist; you can totally see his lips moving. plus, he likes casual sex.

Kingtycune: wait, what are you doing?
Kingtycune: with your pussey?
m caeli: hahaha, putting household objects into it.
m caeli: oh, cds! hot!
m caeli: mushrooms!
m caeli: tshirts!
m caeli: taster's choice!
m caeli: hold on, running around time for a while.
Kingtycune: uh? tasergun
m caeli: i don't have one, it would feel nice though? i've been wearing a yamuke alot.
Kingtycune: I don't understand...
m caeli: you fool!
m caeli: obey my alpha vagina.
Kingtycune: -->looking over his shouler
Kingtycune: You talking to me?
m caeli: like a shy japanese girl?
m caeli: are you a shy japanese girl?
Kingtycune: like a suspicious indian
m caeli: you can tell me
Kingtycune: are you now the wandering jew!
m caeli: smokey. that is your indian name.
Kingtycune: you are the wandering jew.
m caeli: smokey.
m caeli: you are smokey, the injun. the red man.
Kingtycune: I'm happy with smokey. It's my indian name
m caeli: every inch of it? true.
Kingtycune: It's good being a red indain, I kill bufallo and white men and drink his corn liquor until I sick all over my ten destitute children
m caeli: here, have these small pox infested blankets as a fair trade for the poe killing brain sex!
Kingtycune: How.
m caeli: can you put fish in the ground with corn? i understand it has to do with thanksgiving.
m caeli: also i don't understand the bagavhad gita
Kingtycune: I only eat squash?
Kingtycune: and uh?
m caeli: can you explain it to me in three or fewer sentences? i have to do a book report. thanks.
Kingtycune: I only eat squash?
m caeli: bring me my silver bullets!
Kingtycune: There's this guy - he's kind of Like Hiawatha, only less cool..
Kingtycune: and he's into this girl?
Kingtycune: like Pocohontas? only less cool.
Kingtycune: and there's a monkey sometimes
m caeli: is this going to take a long time?
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