mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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i wake up the same time as my girlfriend needs to in order to attend work. i need a sandwich. i'm also awake as mumbling homeless people take their posts, & also when kitty-cats get all frisky for a day filled with chasing dust bunnies & kissing darkness. i have to go to work too. going to work means finishing my glass & talking to robots on the internet. pass the scones, smarterchild. pass the gin ringmessenger, you tricksie android, you are, yess. i crossed the street & ate my meal. nino says i don't run, i scuttle. i tell him to buy a speak & spell for his friend who might have ms- the closer to stephan hawking, the better, i figure. i take notes on myself; like for instance, my opinions. i support automated warfare, because it ensures the continuance of the total war doctrine amongst developed nations, which in turn ensures civilian casualities.

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