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so oh my heavens. because heaven is something i will swear by, even if god isn't. & i have to swear by something, she is so amazing. we are, i ought to say. i ought to say so much, but lexicon falls so short. from crazy lazy sex to crazy sex with sex toys to orgasm till she gets me hard again for anal sex. & she says "i would say it was so incredible, best night of my life? but i know more like them are to be expected." anyhow, maybe my diary is sometimes just a list of sexual excapades, but if your sex made the all ice in your drink more sexy than every ice rink's all skate, you'd talk about it too. & when i throw her she is always surprised by strength. because sometimes i can be as gentle as silk. & while i am sure that one race of elves will be the crown elves, i can't decide if lace elves are too sissy & if crypt elves are too predictable; if all elves should be ecl +1 even. & then mixing my drink i'm all frankenstein clang clang chitty chity bang bang. so fuck you all; if this war on heaven was a pirate war, i'd have strangled the fuck out of blackbeard to pimp slap davey jones for the perfect thing i've got with jenny. don't act like this isn't a love bought in broken hearts & blood. it is. which makes its very exsistance enough of a danegeld to buy off the vikings of hell. you don't know what loneliness means if you can't understand what an abatment of it is worth. if you think this is going soft, why don't you let me show you more sword & shotgun soft, you fucking victims.

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