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i'm on webtv right now, dogsitting at carla's. last night we were having really fun "i'm all tied up sex" but when i was struggling to get out we bumped heads. she started crying, & said she didn't know why she was over-reacting so much. i was all fretting over her, but as soon as i suggested that i might be because she was having her period, it was like, fight time. she accused me of trivializing her, of being rude & dismissive. which, like, i totally didn't think i was doing- i didn't think i was out of line to mention the fact that she was bleeding & maybe her hormones were acting up? especially since earlier i couldn't even hug her tight since her breasts hurt. & maybe yeah, i don't know about the practical effects of menstruation, & maybe it didn't have anything to do with it, or with being drunk. i just ended up frustrated that i was the bad guy somehow. when all i was trying to do w help. i felt like i was ray ramono, since that is one of the episodes of that show i have seen. but i got yelled at when i tried to mention everybody loves raymond even. so i took the dog, claudio, for a walk, & talked with this old guy, andy, for a while. about the red baron, & paleoarcheology, & who knows what else. then i went in, gave jenny water, covered her in a blanket, & went to sleep. this morning i was all melodramatic for a minute, since she didn't cuddle or kiss me when she woke up, so i thought we were still fighting. we arn't, though. so i am going to meet her for lunch. god save the queen. i've got a knife for the both of them anyhow.

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