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the bad that won't come out.

this place makes me feel so neighborhood. coming out of the laundry room to go outside, someone tells me "its cold out there, better take a jacket!" walking home from the pizza place, a lady asks me "is the pizza there any good?" switching the laundry from the washer to the drier the boy in the elevator holds it for me, even though he has to go all the way up to the top floor. its all really comforting & affirming. which makes the butterfly knife in my pocket feel happy. i mean, i've been all secret-apocolypse today. it is the little things that bring the stunning conclusion ever closer. every minute we are sixty (60) seconds closer to the end of the world. & jenny talks about getting me a marionette from europe. the men with m-16s guarding the tunnels all look at me with green computer text roiling acrosss their irises. the government is brain washing its soldiers with st. john of patmos' book of revelations.

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