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i went to my first passover seder last night at aviva's parents house. & did jenny look like she could eat the izod alligator in one bite with her sexy librarian uniform? did i look as sharp as the prick of sleeping beauty's spindle? oh yes, oh yes. so it was nice seeing rifka & benji- benji was mostly my dogg all night, coatching me what to eat & when to drink & cueing me on when to fake being able to sing hebrew. kira was there as well, though she was unnaturally cold, considering that everyone else was so hot. the two irritants on the evening were aviva's friend bree (first thing she said to jenny was "oh, you look older!" but since i was told to be polite company, i couldn't bite back) & also leigh, who showed up as a surprise (& did leigh accomplish being more annoying? i'm not sure. she did mention jenny's ex-boyfriend, but maybe it actually was conversational? i don't know, maybe some people have better taste than to ask about him in front of me, you know? jenny aquitted herself so gracefully.) anyhow, it was alot of fun, but i am sure looking forward to less busy days.

mad props to illscientist for this link about homeless children who know the truth of what is up in heaven. a solid five (5) star reccomendation.

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