mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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sometimes if i goblin catches a girl, she lets him kiss her.

yes, it does look like i am about to lick illscientist's nipple.
in fact, this is a peter jackson style optical illusion.
i am about to lick a hobbit's nipple.

this is where the fact that this was a lj-on-lj orgy gets ugly, as well all scramble to cross post pictures, right? but look at how cute i am! how could you hate a face like that. also, team new jersey, i'll be in new york city till like, tuesday, if anyone was going to think about being around? drop me a line.

plus, i went home early not from drunkeness, but for sexing! so haha, losers.

(ps. jenny passed out when we got home. shit, i'm a loser too. but on the positive side, at least i'm not on team new jersey. also, the margarita place was pretty okay, huh? but i didn't like that last bar. which made my choice clear. as clear as the '86 olypmics where skeletor clearly out fenced he-man & also, megatron one the biathalon. i mean, come on, judges, the guy IS A GUN. talk about fucking travesty for evil.)

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