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today i met with aarti in washington square park. i was worried it would be hard to find her- i didn't think to give her directions, because i know if i met jenny there she'd probably be by garibaldi or at least the fountain. frankly, i was worried that aarti would be like reigh & would be impossible to keep track of ("duh, of course i was by the chess players! %!") but that turned out not to be the case at all. i think aarti is a very reasonable middle between me & reigh in some regards, which is nice. i think we all should team up. after eating spring rolls at the yaffa caffee, aarti (who's name i think i can sort of pronounce adequately!) & i decided that rather than have her thwart my crimes, it was best to just drink gin & say i was thwarted. which as the record shows, is one of the few effective ways of thwarting me. man, thwart. word of the day. one great thing about aarti? she's the boss of talking. like, she totally doesn't let me talk over her, & not even by talking over me. which was weird; i like the way she was possessed of confidence. she is only 119 years old, which is like a baby to me, but thats just fine.

then jenny & i went out for sushi, at the place i was thwarted from going to earlier by its late opening time. we had like, the most miniscule fight on the way there, & hey, maybe was kind of in the sitcom style bad mood due to my birthday. but i thwarted my bad mood, we had great sushi at the shiki kitchen (which i posted about when i went there with debs) & i only very whisperedly & haltingly broke out my nihongo. at least the people there were japanese; part of why i am so timid about it is because i one time spoke in japanese to a waitress at otani's in japanese & she turned out to be korean, so i felt like a huge asshole. we ate plenty of tasty sushi; the verdict stands that the salmon was really fucking great, but i didn't like the salmon skin maki. the salmon skin maki is very hit or miss in my book; if there is enough skin, & it crunches? thats what i'm talking about. jenny-san? totemo kirei desu yo. ichiban kunajo desu.

then we came back & were being all cute & sexy & drinking the sake which she bought me? with her dressed up as a maid, i shit you not. then i tied her up & we had rough sex; but i mean, particularly rough sex, after which i looked for reassurance to make sure it wasn't, you know, bad rough. & it totally wasn't, & last time i tied her up & took advantage of her this way i got three orgasms out of her, but i get worried you know? then basically, she was top dollar & his creepy sister broke, & she sort of post-orgassmic lassituded herself to sleep. which is so sweet & perfect. me getting up to cover her with a blanket & when she stirs saying "i love you" to which she replies "mm-hmn!" is basically the way that you can tell that god is absent from heaven. because if he was paying attention it couldn't get this good.

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