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today is my birthday & twenty-four (24) is the number i am. twenty-four (24) is a sucky & in everyway dumb number, 'specially when you are sixty-five million (65,000,000) years old. i'm maybe just paranoid that this black heart peter pan gunslinger shtick will get all blink-182. but there is a serious upside to my birthday- thanks to nineof26's gift, i got to come to new york to see the jenny. & thanks to the kent state financial aid motherfuckers, i get to stay here for a little while. i'll probably go back to ohio (note, not come back to ohio. i come back to new york. important use of diction) after easter. jenny & i are going to dog-sit for carla & andrew.

so the airplanes. thanks bernouli! well, basically we took a teeny tiny plane from akron to detroit. we dropped from the heavens into the most blade runner airport ever. there is a long tunnel of scintillating lights (court. foxfire glass) that plays all this vengelis style must (cout. mills/james productions). we had a four (4) hour layover there, consisting of the bulk of our trip. we rode their monorail (told you it was futuristic) & couldn't get into the religious reflections room; we also got lost in restricted areas. furthermore. i havn't eaten meat sine before the plane- just for some reason, i've been eating falafal like crazy. after i slept on the floor for a little while, we came to new york.

i'll talk about other days other times, but presents other than the trip include illscientist's book of how to be a villian (which was wrapped!) & the mix cd he made me, killkillkill. which is also funny since alot of the songs on here were on the one he made me when he was super-drunk. the first present from jenny i got was seeing that she had shaved her public hair into the shape of an "M" which is pretty great, right? basically, everything she does is great. then she got us a sex toy, but also she got me a sake set & some good sake. which is nice, & more so when you realize that she doesn't really like sake. which means, like, maybe i should have a nice sake & sushi party, except these things tend to only work for two people...& since she doesn't like sake...see the dillema? plus, if i was going to have the super-nihon party, i'd use the other japanese place settings that i got for my birthday, & those were from cortney, so that might be weird. or maybe not, maybe it wouldn't be weird. maybe it is just weird to think about it the first time, but it is okay. oh, & the other present jenny was going to get me was a straight razor shaving kit, but that was too expensive.

okay, a really quick rundown on personalities.
saturday: illscientist, littlewashu, basillica, lazymambo, avatar_x, steve, nineof26, pravda, mordicai.
where: various downtown bars.

sunday: carla, andrew, nineof26, pravda, mordicai.
where: carla's apartment.

monday: liquor, kat, nineof26, pravda, mordicai.
where: toys "r" us, playing clue in cafe.
Tags: birthday

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