mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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the babylonian daedalus

:. aesop's castle of colons, piled atop each other & mortared together. or i see colons as a meteor, planetbound, perspective tricked out like a lowrider with twenty-four (24) carat rims. the dunce in me downs a glass of fetish, sees a domino, one one (1-1). the glowing eyes of an alien in the dark, walking on walls with aplomb.

:. two hits of godspeed, the newest drug crazy to sweep the urban market. godspeed is one of the last drugs to be released in the early twenty-first century, before the now common drugs of up, down, strange, charm, truth, & beauty were introduced to the legal pharmaceutical companies.

"they gave him ants in the pants! they're the worst vengeful species ever!"

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