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i saw mo rocca from comedy central's the daily show perform a multi-media presentation. i went with nine, & erica, & emily, & nicole & also kung-fu jen was there. he was predictably entertaining, including one un-aired segment that he showed us just for freaky synchronicity: him interviewing mike piazza from the mets, for the world series they played against the diamondbacks. anyhow, i wanted to ask him a question just twice during it: once when there was a lull, & i was going to be all good natured & be like "listen, my friends got here late, & i'm not sure where their sitting- if they raise their hands, can you point them out for me?" & then after somebody invited him to their party, i wanted to be all "hey, saturday evening, what are you up to in new york?"

on the way back from jeremy's, after juggling bar appearances (aaron & phillip & sean at the gross robinhood upstairs, then mark cina & tris & claire & larry at the loft) i saw the library all lit up like anything: it was freakishly incandescent. i decided i want a house with "architecture designed by a deranged convict living in a mental institution (an asylum)."

also: ken jansen told me where to get free beer, & all i can eat fish fry.
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