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listening to kompressor's "red robot theme song" & looking at = <3

its all black & white exept violence in a boy scout uniform. so close to fiction it was spooky. i'm on this crazy train called killing, & there just ain't no getting off. that is the moral of the story. that there is never an end. no matter what, no matter why, it is just a matter of time. i will kill again. addictions never go away once established, & being born was my normandy. i was taken by storm sixty-five million (65,000,000) years ago. & while i may have spent my time in juvie for spraying oven cleaner in that vagrant's face & then putting a plastic bag over his head, it isn't out of my system. it wasn't the crime of a minor, it was the crime of a forever offender. therapy is like a priest jacking off on your face. it makes him feel good, & it is supposed to fix you, but it just leaves more & more secret scars. until you turn inside out & you are a beautiful rainbow of hurt & harm. murder is the password into this top secret clubhouse. dancing is the same as falling down. falling down. ashes, ashes, mother fucker. we all fall down. ok? OK? KO! KA-POW!

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