mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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sleep? nay! a valient rallying of the forces of hatred, concluding in a stunning ride against the shining palaces of good! indeed, my black standard will stand high atop the towers of white crystal today, afixing all the lands in permanent blight. i will choke the roads with dark forests, rendering travel unsafe & preventing inexpensive commerce between non-spider based economies. water supplies i will taint with chemicals i claim to be good for your teeth...but secretly command your brain in all sorts of subtle respects! i will drape the backs of kings in sack cloth & make then kneel before my throne & crown. goblins will swarm the ramparts of castles, & the hands of white witches will be broken. i will empty the monastaries of the shaolin & in their place fell beasts shall breed. for today i sleep no more, & let evil win the hour, & the war! heaven shall indeed rue this day.

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